Your Version Control Personal Assistant

Forget the Git. GitButler is a completely new approach to version control that takes care of everything for you.

Never lose work again. Let us handle your commit messages. You now have a personal code butler.

Brought to you by the experts behind GitHub and the Pro Git book.

Next Generation Source Code Management

All of your version control needs, none of the command line.

Just do your work and don't worry. We track and back up every change, letting you organize your commits later, rewind work, and more.

Frequently asked questions

    • Does GitButler use AI?

      Yes, we use AI to help craft possible commit messages and Pull Request descriptions if you want to use those features.

    • Will it cost any money?

      Yes, GitButler will be a paid product.

    • Is this Open Source?

      Not right now, but like GitHub, we will have some stuff open and some stuff not.

    • Can I also just use Git?

      Yes, you can always use Git directly if you want to handle something yourself.

    • Is this actually just a Git client?

      It is a Git client plus a Dropbox-like client plus a bunch of AI on top.

    • If I do the wrong thing, will it lose my work, just like Git?

      No. The main focus is to always record what you work on. You should never lose data with a version control tool again, no matter what you do.

    • Can I use this with other people on my team?

      Soon we will have some really killer team based collaboration features. Your assistants will talk to each other. :)

    • How is this different than GitHub?

      GitHub is where you share your code. GitButler helps you with everything before that.

    • Will this work with GitLab too?

      Yes, this will work with any Git host, but will have advanced features around Pull/Merge Requests and ticket management with GitHub, GitLab and Linear

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